Friday, October 19, 2007

When life gives you lemons...

...just save yourself the trouble, and make lemonade.

I was blown away by the produce at the market the other day, and totally succumbed to the enticing lemons that were staring me down from across the aisle. I grabbed about a dozen or so, and happily went along to the check out counter with my loot.

When I got home, I poured over my cookbooks, finally settling on an "all lemon" meal consisting of lemon spaghetti and mini lemon souffles. (And, maybe a lemon drop to wash it all down!)

The lemon souffles were especially intriguing - - a typical custard made with egg yolks, gently cooked over a water bath then mixed with fluffy meringue and baked in their own hollowed out lemon shell. Let me tell you, although they looked really pretty, they were so gross!!!!

Same result with the lemon spaghetti. Dry and disgusting.

My lemon meal made my eyes water, and that's NOT a good thing. The whole mess went straight into the garbage, and I ended up chowing on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes even the best laid plans fall through - no matter the best intentions.


Nicole said...

Well that's too bad! Maybe next time just stick to the lemon drops ;-)

winnie said...

They look so good, I can´t eat lemon stuff.
Lemon makes me chicken skin.
My daughter loves everything with lemon.

Mo said...

well, it all *looks* delicious; sorry to hear it didn't taste the same.

I'm a big fan of lemon chicken, guess I'll stick to that!