Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wish list

Nathan keeps telling me that he will be going to Florida to visit his mother and brother sometime soon. Since I can not take any real time off of work during our "season" I will not be accompanying him. I'm kinda bummed about it - but I am also making some big plans!

Right now, in the apartment, the kitchen is...well...a disaster. I don't have any counters - I use my kitchen table (which is scary in it's own right) as a prep space. Leaning over to do any kind of chopping is horrid on my back. The walls are yucky and the only light in the whole room comes from a floor lamp positioned in the corner. To be honest, we were only supposed to "squat" here for a year...tops. It's been 5, and immediate action is required if I am going to continue to cook/bake in this place!

So, while Nathan runs off to sunny West Palm Beach, I will be tearing the kitchen apart. He doesn't know this, and I am not planning on telling him!

Kitchen table - gone!
Exsisting Baker's Rack - outta there!
Mis-matched utencil cabinet haphazardly placed next to the stove - man, I am gonna kick you to the curb!
The decorative and outdated moulding under the upper cabinets - see ya!

I'm thinking new paint, on both the walls and ceiling - which color I have yet to decide on. Maybe yellow. A co-worker mentioned terra cotta. Unfortunately, the floor must stay - but the cabinets I do have will also be painted a crisp white. I plan to add some new knob pulls for to jazz them up a bit. And, I am going to purchase some items that will assist me in my everyday life.

My wish list also includes:


d_evans said...

Have fun Kat!

Teresa said...

Sounds like fun - won't Nate be surprised?!