Monday, September 10, 2007

Smells like feet - and weekly meal planning

The other day I made the Meditteranean Risotto that I had on deck in last week's dinner menu. The idea was so appealing...I adore sun-dried tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. I love rice and the creaminess of risotto. I thought the dish would be a slam dunk!

However, when feta cheese is heated up, it smells like old, disgusting, wet gym socks. In this dish, it tasted about the same also.

Looks pretty though!

I really, really wanted to like it! I tried so hard to encourage myself to continue eating it - but in the end, I gave up. I don't know why I kept the copious amounts of leftovers...maybe I'll revisit the risotto cold. Maybe. Probably not.

Monday - Calzones
Tuesday - Roasted Garlic and Citrus Chicken
Wednesday - Moraccan Spiced Chickpea Soup with Sandwiches
Thursday - Tofu Ka-bobs with Mustard Dipping Sauce
Friday - Pizza


patti said...

Was it real sheepsmilk feta, or domestic cow's milk? I find that cow feta doesn't have that feet smell to it when you heat it.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to add feta to a cooked dish at the last minute, so it just warms rather than cooks. It makes a huge difference--I love adding feta and fresh herbs to scrambled eggs at the last minute, so the herbs stay green and the feta doesn't get fetid.

Mo said...

Too bad about the risotto - it certainly sounds & looks delish!

Looks like the family calzone was a hit, tho...

I'm still plannin' to use that mustard glaze on pork ribs before the grill gets second billing to the oven again...