Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Times are a ch-ch-changin'

The past couple of times that I have gone to my doctor, my blood pressure has been high. Since I was either sick or in pain (or both), they didn't worry too much - but I was asked to return for a quick blood pressure check when I was feeling better. Last week, I did.

And the results were not pretty.

No more Creamy Beef Stroganoff...no more Mac and Cheese...no more Baby Back Ribs! No more of my absolute favorites!!! Whaaaaaaa! It really is hell on earth right now, but I have to keep reminding myself that it is time to take care of me.

This weekend marked the beginning of a newer, healthier Kat. I'm ready to give this low sodium/low fat/lower carb thing a try. I have to.

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MommyK said...

I have an awesome Herbal Salt Substitute that I use to season veggies and meat that is amazing. The recipe is yours if you want it.

Also, check out lightandtasty.com and search for low-sodium recipes. High blood pressure runs in my family, so I watch my salt consumption like a hawk, even though it's perfectly normal for now. All the meals I have made from this mag have been delicious!