Thursday, March 06, 2008

Move over McD's

I made the most outrageous hamburgers the other night! They were juicy, flavorful and huge. We don't eat many hamburgers at home since Nate tends to eat fast food at lunchtime, and I tend to stay away from ground beef as much as possible unless I get a craving for meatloaf. Hamburgers to us are mainly a summer party food that we enjoy at our family and friend's homes. However, being a little stir-crazy played havok on my meal planning this week! I want summer here and now!

In the hamburger meat: 85% lean ground beef, italian bread crumbs, an egg, salt and pepper, dried parsley, onion and garlic powder and a touch of paprika.

On the hamburger: Toasted hard roll, american cheese (not on mine), lettuce, tomato, red onion, brown mustard, ketchup and mayo.

On the side: my potato salad - which consists of potatoes, hard boiled egg, red bell peppers, carrots, english cucumber (skin on), dill pickles, salt and pepper, dried parsley, mayo, italian dressing and dijon mustard.

On our faces: A serious smile! I will never doubt my indoor hamburger-making abilities ever again.


Teresa said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That looks so good!

Maria said...

Nice post

grey suits said...

I like the Big champ hamburger from Mcdonalds.