Friday, March 28, 2008

Raid my kitchen, Top Chef!

My friend Patti is blogging Top Chef in a cool and interesting way - taking the presented challenges, and noting how she would present them to her "judges." That got me thinking...if I was living in the Chicago neighborhood the Chef'testants were savaging through, what I would I have to offer to the Block Party feast?

A look around my kitchen and pantry might surprise and delight some.

In the freezer:
1 whole beef tenderloin, fat and silver skin removed
2 lbs frozen cooked homemade beef/pork meatballs
1 lb raw shrimp
chicken - drumsticks, thighs, boned breasts and boneless, skinless breasts
juice concentrate
frozen vegetables: green beans, corn, peas and Italian Stir-fry medley
homemade chicken stock
puff pastry

In the fridge:
block of Parmesan cheese
fresh mozzarella
herbs: Italian parsley, tarragon, chives and a huge punch of basil
citrus: oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit
pint of heavy cream
vegetables: carrots, broccoli, baby spinach, peppers, English cucumber, leeks, scallions, radishes, mushrooms, butternut squash, beets
vinegar: balsamic, champagne, white, red wine and apple cider
fruit preserves
condiments: ketchup, mustard (3 kinds), mayo, soy sauce, hot sauce, chocolate syrup
wonton wrappers
active yeast

In the pantry:
baking supplies
dried fruit
Oil: vegetable, extra virgin olive oil, peanut, canola and sesame
sesame seeds
chocolate: chips, chunks, slabs (milk, dark and white)
canned/jarred products: chickpeas, anchovies, sardines, condensed soup, beans, salsa, fruit, tomatoes
pasta of all shapes and sizes
rice: brown, white, wild
peanut butter: crunchy and smooth
bread crumbs: Italian style and Panko
tomato sauce
dried beans and legumes
nuts: walmuts, pinenuts, almonds
chicken and beef stock

I'm pretty well stocked, and I think that because I cook with so many fresh ingredients, they'd probably all be taken in an instant.


Hopie said...

Wow, you are well-stocked. I only hope some day to have enough space to do the same. Plus, you keep homemade chicken stock in the freezer - my kind of cook :-)

d_evans said...

Can I move in with you, please?

YankeeGirl said...

The only Top Chef challenge I could compete in is finding a creative and gourmet wayo to serve a fish stick.

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