Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Where I ask, did this year disappear to? It doesn't seem right that it is already the end of November, especially since I just got used to writing/typing "2008" on all my business letters. My mother called me up a couple of weeks ago and tricked me into hosting Thanksgiving at my apartment. I'm pretty game for the adventure since I have been a very bad home cook lately. She tried to get me to agree that I would give her all of the leftover turkey - but funk that! I paid $44 dollars for that 20lb organic, corn-fed, farm raised piece of gold...it's going in my belly for days. Plus, I have never left her house with any kind of Thanksgiving rememberance of the meal!

Just for comparison, here is what I planned last year, and the year before.

And now...for this year's (not so) exciting offering. Or as I like to say - more of the same. There's a reason it's called "tradition."

To start:
Jumbo shrimp cocktail
Cheese and fruit platter
Risotto rice balls (because they were such a HUGE hit!)
Bacon wrapped pineapple

Butternut squash soup
Mashed potatoes
Fall fruit salad
Roasted brussel sprouts (not everyone is thrilled about this veg)
Tossed salad
Cranberry and pitted date conserve
Sweet potato biscuits

Chocolate torte with a chocolate ganache
Caramel pumpkin pie
Vanilla ice cream / homemade whipped cream

My sister also requested a cranberry jell-o salad, and since I want to make her smile, I just may make a small batch of it...plus, I have that Jell-O cookbook that I've been threatening to break out.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Any of the brussels sprouts that were not welkhomed khan be sent to Pawsylvania!

I love them and so does my mom!

She would like to khall dibbs on the risotto too!

Happy Thanksgiving!


MommyK said...

Are you cooking all that yourself? That's quite a spread!

Also, I hope everything is well in your personal life. I noticed your other blog hadn't been showing on my reader in sometime, I must have missed it when you made it private.

Teresa said...

Wow - that's some menu! Have a very happy Thanksgiving!