Monday, April 09, 2007

Eating Easter - Part 2

The ham was good - for ham. I'm not a big fan of ham, especially spiral ham - it's salty, and there was more fat on it than meat. My mother burnt some water (I kid you not) and filled a serving bowl with raw carrots, instead of the steamed ones she tried to make. That trick caused my niece to break out in a fit of laughter, which broke the silence, and the piss poor mood my younger brother was in!

The evening finished off with a couple of episodes of "Flavor of Love" with is the most unwatchable trainwreck in the history of bad television - and I love it!


Barbara said...

I just found your blog and realized you have mine already in your links. Cool!

Your blog is great and I adore some of the foods you've written about.....banana bread, risotto balls, bulgogi........YUM! I'm adding you to my links.

Barbara said...

Oh, I forgot, I'm a former NY'er too. Another thing we have in common (besides good food).