Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bagging is an Art

I used to love to go grocery shopping with my mother when I was younger, mainly because I could pick out the perfect shampoo and conditioner for *my* hair - - even though it was used by the whole family. It did involve sneaking it into the cart, then helping my mother unload onto the belt, and bagging - then taking it out and rushing it to the bathroom without her noticing! Tricky, I know. Hey, if you want something, you have to work for it.

My mother has certainly taught me a lot in my lifetime, but the one thing that always stands out in my mind is the way she bagged her groceries. In fact, her method is so engrained onto my brain, that I will pick the long line, and wait - so that I am not rushed by the cashier. Nothing makes me more batty than watching those minimum wage workers stick my raw chicken in with my vegetables, or my cleaning supplies with the fruit. Idiots! Everyone is trying to kill ya out there!

Last night I stopped by the market on the way home. The place was a ghost town, which is so very strange, and threw me for a loop! I grabbed what I needed, and approached the cashiers...there was no one in line at all. As soon as I took my items out of the cart, they were being rung up. I couldn't run to the back of the belt and bag, as I was still unloading. My heart started to race. I knew something would get crushed, or ruined or both, and there was no way that I could stop it!

After all was said and done, my cilantro ended up squished between the liter containers of buttermilk and heavy cream. I found my mango in with the load of canned goods - which they didn't double bag, by the way. It's completely dented now. So much for presentation. Not cool!I could go on and on, but this rant is probably boring to everyone but me.

So, what I wonder baggers have an instructional manual or video to watch during their orientation?

...Is it too much to ask that all of my perishable foods end up in the same bag - especially when I place them on the belt together?

...Can you not pile shit on top of my eggs, dammit!??!?!?! There is a reason I buy 12 and not 10! (I am so writing the manager about that one)

To all of you wonderful baggers out there, please know that I appreciate you more than you know. When I see you bag my meat separately, or put all of my frozen juices together, I want to kiss you...on the mouth...with tongue.


Beautyfall said...

I know what you mean!

I sort everything onto the belt the way I want them bagged and of course it never ends up that way. I think I'm going to start training my baggers....

Yankee said...

Honestly, is really so hard to figure out that bananas and tv dinners do not belong in the same bag for the ride home?

kayhil said...

I totally agree with you! I always go to the line that has the little old man or the very slow young man. They are the only ones who bag my groceries right.