Monday, December 10, 2007

Suckered into it.

This Sunday will mark the Second-Anual Great Cookie Bake-off. I was going to skip it this year, since I've been feeling under the weather, but my niece pulled out the cute factor and totally tricked me into saying yes. (And, how could I say no and live with myself - I am so *into* children helping out in the kitchen!)

This year I have a new tool that will make cookie making even faster - if it doesn't blow out a fuse to the shared outlet - another KitchenAid mixer that Nathan acquired during one of his clean outs! Now, both kids can make their own batch of cookies at the same time. (God help me!)

On the docket this year: our usual family favorites - Jam Thumbprints, Cream Cheese Cookies, Russian Teacakes, No-Bake Buckeyes, Chocolate Covered Peanut Clusters, Delux Sugar Cookies and Strawberry Cheese Cake Bars. And, what cookie escapade wouldn't be complete without some new recipes to try: Chocolate Mint Wafers (think Girl Scout Thin Mints!) and Petite Lemon Curd Cookies. There may be a couple of tricks up my sleeves as well.

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