Monday, March 19, 2007

Food and other thoughts in my head

First things first - let's commit to some dinners!

Monday -Broiled Scallops and Shrimp over Mango Majo and Wild Rice
Tuesday - Springtime Quiche aka "girlie food"
Wednesday - Baked Linguine Pie with Sausage
Thursday - Mac and Cheese...prepped the day ahead and ready for Nate to heat up in the oven. (I have a work event)
Friday - Pizza!
Saturday - Leftovers. (Another work event)

I am so ready for this month to be over. It's been full of nightime work events - that I don't get paid for! - and fast and furious dinners that require no thought or brain power.

I have to admit, that Bobby Flay once again tickled my taste buds with his Mac and Cheese Throwdown! I literally had to wipe my mouth with the back of my hand after seeing his dish come out of the oven. I'm totally going to test his recipe this week and blog it!

Last night I caught the biography of Miss Rachael Ray on Food Network. Even though I am not a fan of her, I do watch 30 Minute Meals from time to time...and have tried many of her recipes, with good results. Watching her drive and determination actually gave me some insight into that giggle monster...I actually have a new found respect for her. I never knew that she kicked ass and took names to get to where she is currently at! Now, I'm not saying I lurve her or don't put words in my mouth! I still think she's looney tunes! (Like most of my friends.) Like Rachael, "I'm not champagne. I'm beer. Straight out of the bottle."

Edited to add: St Patrick's Day dinner was fab-u-lous! I splurged on the beef and got a piece that was all meat with great marbeling - yet little fat - that boiled up to tender perfection. I boiled it with a lovely head of cabbage, and served some roasted carrots and sour cream smashed potatoes on the side. The carrots were nicely caramelized and had the best flavor. I also whipped up a loaf of Irish Soda Bread - this time made with dried cranberries. So good!

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