Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gotta Try It!

I've been a faithful user of another brand (which I will not name), since I have lived on my own - and the other day at the market, it was all sold out. So, I grabbed a bottle of Dawn with Bleach Alternative, the Fresh Rapids scent. I used it that night, and I can not believe the cleaning power of this stuff! I don't want to say that it made washing dishes enjoyable, but it kinda did. (And, for me - that says a lot!) The stuck on food and grease just slid off with very little effort, and everything came out squeeky clean.

I've made this my new dishwashing liquid.

What does everyone else use?


d_evans said...

I use Dawn also. Love it.

Mo said...

I've been a faithful Dawn user all my life, and I tell ya...I *luv* the new dishwashing foam!! A bottle lasts 4-ever.

Try it if you haven't.

kayhil said...

I've used Dawn forever it seems. Love it!