Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday meal planning

On Christmas Eve, I will be heading up to the Boondocks to celebrate with my extended family. One of my uncles will be preparing a huge meal (that I have heard rumblings about since last year!) and requested that we all bring dessert. I have something completely audacious planned...which I am keeping a secret, in case it bombs. Plus, I don't want the cat out of the bag for those family members who read this blog!

My immediate family celebrates twice on Christmas Day. We do a huge brunch, and a huge dinner. Fasting happens on December 26!

This is what is planned...with my offerings marked with a *.

Christmas Day Brunch

*Dutch Pancakes (they are a little special, because they have a layer of apples in them!)
*Ham and Broccoli Strata
*English Muffin Bread
Sausage and Bacon
French Toast
Fruit Salad
*Leek and Turkey Phyllo Pie, minus the turkey

Christmas Day Dinner

*Walnut Cranberry Stuffed Brie (appetizer)

Pork Crown Roast
*Dried Cranberry and Apple Stuffing
*Mashed Potatoes
*9 Grain Rolls
Steamed Broccoli and Baby Carrots
*Chunky Cinnamon Apple Sauce

*Traditional Tiramisu (dessert!)

...I'm off to find some lady fingers...

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